While I am working on my Pop-Up shop, I am also thinking about what i'm going to do for packaging, and how that might affect way the shop functions.  

I wanted to create something that minimized the amount of wasted material during the cutting. I also want the user to be able see the product, take it out of the box, and be able to put it back in without destroying the packaging. This packaging is a single strip of cardboard, and the only material wasted is the square cutout on the front, which will be used as a hangtag for open bags. The package folds in a way that the bag holds it all together tightly, so we don't need to use any wasteful adhesives or tape. It is made of 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. 

The graphics on the box will be a single color silkscreen, using water based ink. It will be a dynamic, yet understated look that will bring a much stronger brand presence to the shelves than just a simple hangtag. 

I confirmed with Leah, who will be helping me with printing, that I am able to pre cut the cardboard using the laser cutter, and then print the graphics on top of it. This makes it 1000x more efficient than trying to print on cardboard and having to cut them all out by hand. Hopefully I will be able to buy cardboard from the Industrial Design department, but if they do not have any left, I'll need to find a place to buy large sheets of cardboard on the fly. Suggestions would be helpful.

The great thing about packaging is that it will significantly help us with wholesale. We've been looking for a solution because we believe you should be able to see the bag to get a feeling for how it works, but not many stores can provide the floor space for a large stand. This packaging provides an option for buyers, because they can choose to buy it as an open bag or as a packaged good. 

This weekend, I will be building the screens to print on the cardboard. I am also building a screen to print our logo on eco-friendly T-Shirts from Alternative Apparel, but I'm not sure whether we'll have the time or funding to get them for the thesis show. I'll be posting mockups as I soon as I get the design finished!

Let's Get Rolling!

I'm so happy to finally get my website rolling. I tried to do this about a year ago, but websites are much harder to do when have less projects to feel strongly about. I'm really happy with my work now, and now that my files are properly organized, this is much more manageable! 

While i'm getting my website figured out, Leah & I are trying to get her work photographed, and i'm helping her figure out squarespace as well. Thank GOD for squarespace, you guys make this so easy! 

Tomorrow I am working on the CivitasNow website. I always thought I would be a print guy, but the more and more I get comfortable with web, it's actually really really fun! Anyway, this website isn't going to finish itself!